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The Night Frolic

by Julie Berry
illustrated by Jaime Zollars

Where do the children go when they drift off to sleep? 

What critics are saying:

  • “Downright magical, this is a picture book made for dreamers." Booklist

  •  “A dream come true for readers seeking a new bedtime story.” Kirkus Reviews

  • "Berry’s mesmerizing prose sounds like a saga from another world, and this vision of journey, adventure, and happy clamor offers both antidote to and fodder for sleep’s dark mysteries." Publishers Weekly

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Burglars and Bluestockings.jpg

Book 3 in the Wishes and Wellingtons Series

Maeve Merritt is back. 

Crime and Carpetbags

The third book in New York Times bestselling, award-winning author Julie Berry's magically adventurous Wishes and Wellingtons series, in which Maeve Merritt and her friends encounter charmed mirrors, meddling thieves, and a lady scholar who doesn't (yet!) believe in magic.

Maeve Merritt knows all about magic. After all, she found Mermeros the djinni in a sardine can! But not even magic can give her the freedom to do the daring things she wants to do in her life―things not allowed for girls in 1897. When Maeve and her friend Alice take a summer field trip to Oxford, though, they're amazed to see women as college students and even playing sports!

But just when it seems like her dreams might one day come true, thieves looking to steal Mermeros put Maeve and her friends in danger. With the help of two charmed silver mirrors, Maeve can outwit almost any burglar, but she knows magic will continue to cause her trouble at every turn. What if it's time to give up her djnnni once and for all? Is Maeve ready to throw away all her wishes?

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Sometimes we're all cranky, and that's okay! Cranky Right Now shows kids how to deal with those cranky days.

Cranky Right Now brings a much-needed message to kids: sometimes we're all cranky. Maybe we're tired, we're hungry, or we're just feeling grumpy. Dealing with emotions can be hard. Cranky Right Now is a fun and funny ride through the ups and downs of being cranky, helping kids process difficult feelings, frustrating relationships, and things that just make them mad.

Award-winning author Julie Berry talks about reasons kids can feel cranky and how to recognize those feelings and acknowledge them. She then gives simple practices for moving through crankiness. She shows that it's okay to be in a bad mood sometimes--just not to take it out on others--and that cranky days will eventually give way to happy ones.

A companion volume to Happy Right Now, with Holly Hatam's bright and playful illustrations, Cranky Right Now helps you embrace, understand, and move through cranky in a whole new way.

Download a free activity kid with coloring pages. 

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An excellent picture book on emotional intelligence that is perfect for one-on-one sharing. School Library Journal


[A] feel-good story with an important message for everyone who might be waiting for the rain to clear. Foreword Reviews

For adventurous readers: 

Wishes and Wellingtons

When Maeve Merritt, a Victorian boarding school girl, finds an ill-tempered djinni in a sardine can, the world's not big enough to hide all the rascals determined to steal him away from her. A magical, madcap adventure with a feisty heroine you won't soon forget. Coming soon to a bookstore near you.  

What critics are saying:

  • “Berry’s globe-spanning romp balances tongue-in-cheek humor with a heartfelt focus on found family and friendship... a message of female empowerment.” – Publishers Weekly

  •  “An engaging tapestry that becomes more complex and compelling with every page turn… A nostalgic Dickens and Nesbit mashup.” – Kirkus Reviews

  • “Berry mixes classic storytelling with modern feminism, as Maeve forges genuine friendships, outsmarts a powerful foe, and matures without losing her edge.” – Booklist

  • “A fantastical romp through Victorian England.” – School Library Journal

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Let them start their dreadful wars, let destruction rain down, and let plague sweep through, but I will still be here, doing my work, holding humankind together with love like this. 

Aphrodite, in Lovely War

Seven Stars for Lovely War.png

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An unforgettable romance so Olympian in scope, human at its core, and lyrical in its prose that it must be divinely inspired. Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review


Berry’s evocative novel ... suggests that while war and its devastation cycles through history, the forces of art and love remain steady, eternal, and life-sustaining. Publishers' Weekly, Starred Review


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