For adventurous readers: 

Wishes and Wellingtons

When Maeve Merritt, a Victorian boarding school girl, finds an ill-tempered djinni in a sardine can, the world's not big enough to hide all the rascals determined to steal him away from her. A magical, madcap adventure with a feisty heroine you won't soon forget. Coming soon to a bookstore near you.  

What critics are saying:

  • “Berry’s globe-spanning romp balances tongue-in-cheek humor with a heartfelt focus on found family and friendship... a message of female empowerment.” – Publishers Weekly

  •  “An engaging tapestry that becomes more complex and compelling with every page turn… A nostalgic Dickens and Nesbit mashup.” – Kirkus Reviews

  • “Berry mixes classic storytelling with modern feminism, as Maeve forges genuine friendships, outsmarts a powerful foe, and matures without losing her edge.” – Booklist

  • “A fantastical romp through Victorian England.” – School Library Journal

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Let them start their dreadful wars, let destruction rain down, and let plague sweep through, but I will still be here, doing my work, holding humankind together with love like this. 

Aphrodite, in Lovely War

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An unforgettable romance so Olympian in scope, human at its core, and lyrical in its prose that it must be divinely inspired. Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review


Berry’s evocative novel ... suggests that while war and its devastation cycles through history, the forces of art and love remain steady, eternal, and life-sustaining. Publishers' Weekly, Starred Review


Happy Right Now brings a much-needed message to kids: it’s great to feel happy, but it’s okay to feel sad sometimes too.
Dealing with emotions can be hard. Children experience the same range of strong feelings as adults, but often don’t have the tools to deal with them. For children ages 4 to 8, Happy Right Now teaches about emotional intelligence with fun, relatable imagery and clever rhymes.
Award-winning author Julie Berry brings a playful bounce to the important lesson that kids don’t need to wait for fantastic gifts, school vacations, or sunny days to find joy in the moment. And even if they can’t find a way to choose happiness—if the blues are just too strong—Berry provides a series of quick practices for readers to understand and move through their sadness and embrace the bright side of any situation, rain or shine.

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An excellent picture book on emotional intelligence that is perfect for one-on-one sharing. School Library Journal


[A] feel-good story with an important message for everyone who might be waiting for the rain to clear. Foreword Reviews